page title icon Winoa Ibérica to start shot production in June

Winoa Ibérica will start shot blasting production at its new plant in Balmaseda in June. With an investment of 20 million euros, it is the most modern shot blasting factory in the world

With an investment of 22 million euros and after almost two years of construction work, the company expects to produce 40,000 tonnes of steel shot per year at the new plant.

In mid-2012 an agreement was signed between representatives of the company and public entities such as the Diputación de Bizkaia and the Ayuntamiento de Balmaseda for the relocation of the factory from the urban environment of the city to the outskirts, specifically to the Arla industrial estate.

The new production plant, consisting of 4 warehouses on a surface area of 10,191 m2, has the most advanced technologies and the most modern production and safety systems.

The company also has factories in countries such as Spain, Canada, South Korea, the USA and Japan, from where its products are distributed to more than 10,000 customers.