page title icon Winoa Group inaugurates its new shot blast production plant in Balmaseda in the presence of the Lehendakari and the General Deputy

The world leader in steel shot Winoa has presented this Wednesday its new facilities in Balmaseda. The modern infrastructure, built with an investment of more than 22 million, through an agreement with the Basque Government, the Provincial Council and the Town Council of Balmaseda, has been in operation since May.

The event was attended by the lehendakari and Pierre Escolier, general manager of Winoa. The plant occupies a plot area of some 30,000 square metres and consists of four floors. Work began in June 2016 and was completed last summer. It integrates induction and heat treatment furnaces, screening stations and conveyor belts for storage and packaging. In addition, the auxiliary facilities incorporate state-of-the-art technology for water control and air treatment.

The general manager of Winoa, Pierre Escolier, has pointed out that this is the group’s main investment in the last five years and therefore positions the Balmaseda factory as the most avant-garde in the sector led by the French SME. Apart from improving productivity, two of the objectives highlighted by Escolier are to achieve a zero accident rate and to have a minimum environmental impact. “We go beyond what the legislation requires of us,” he said.