page title icon Maratek is committed to BIM technology

At Maratek we are aware of the multiple benefits of BIM technology in the field of industrial buildings and other engineering and technical architecture projects. For this reason, we are committed to this methodology, giving our working partners the corresponding training for its implementation in our projects.

Thanks to BIM modelling we can manage detailed building information, including aspects concerning both design and maintenance, in order to avoid loss of information, increase the efficiency of the design process and manage more accurately the time in the construction of the structure, or avoid unnecessary costs in future remodelling.

With BIM modelling, better data management is achieved throughout the building’s life cycle, using dynamic, real-time, three-dimensional building modelling software. This technology collects precise building information in digitised form, for later use in the event of reconstruction or maintenance.

In the case of Maratek, we have opted for Revit software because of the wide range of functionalities it offers.

The use of BIM modelling in building projects helps to avoid many problems in the long run. By digitising the building and obtaining its data, it can be accurately remodelled in the event of damage and this data will be very useful in obtaining a quotation in which costs arising from unnecessary resources can be avoided. Therefore, accuracy in both costs and results is guaranteed.