page title icon Maratek draws up the execution project for the new wind towers manufacturing plant in the Port of Bilbao

MARATEK Proyectos is drafting the project for the construction of a warehouse for logistic-industrial activities in the AZ-2 dock of the Port of Bilbao. This warehouse will be dedicated to the manufacture of offshore wind towers and will create 300 jobs. The Port Authority of Bilbao will earmark 19 million euros to finance the total investment.

The new plant will be used to manufacture offshore wind towers and other components for the European market, in a project that will require a total investment of 55 million euros and is being promoted by the recently created company Haizea Wind.

This new company has as its main shareholder the Burgos-based manufacturer of metallic structures Tecnoaranda.

The board of directors of the Port of Bilbao took the first step towards the materialisation of the new investment by approving the concession of 77,300 square metres to Haizea Wind to locate the plant on quay AZ2 of the extension of its installations. The project will create around 300 jobs.

The Port of Bilbao itself will finance 19 million of the total investment for the construction of the four warehouses that the factory will have; first, it will put the construction out to tender, and then it will lease the warehouses to Haizea Wind. In this way, it will replicate with the warehouses the concession model it already carries out with the docks.

The factory will have the capacity to manufacture 540 sections of large offshore towers, an essential element of the wind turbines. It will also be able to manufacture onshore wind towers, depending on demand. Its raw materials will be carbon steel plate and flanges – supplied by nearby steel mills – and electrical and mechanical components.

The company has chosen to locate on its premises for ease of transport.