page title icon Maratek develops the building project for the largest distributor of hoses in Spain

Coplasva, the largest distributor of hoses in Spain, has entrusted Maratek to design and manage the works of its new hose plant in Bizkaia. The project comes after the company acquired new facilities with a total area of 8,000 square meters, with the aim of expanding the storage capacity of its extensive stock of products to 10 meters high on 7 levels, for a total of 6,000 pallets and over 5,000 references.

Maratek, once defined with the client the layout of the plant in the chosen location, drafts the activity project and the execution project, carries out the purchasing management, the construction management and the start-up and final legalisations for the start-up of the new Coplasva warehouse.

About Coplasva

Coplasva began its career in the sector of hoses and accessories in 1996, in the town of Llodio, an important industrial centre of Alava, and shortly after, in 2000, moved to the nearby town of Amurrio, motivated by the need for growth, with the acquisition of two warehouses of 800 square meters.

After years of steady growth, the company has acquired six more warehouses to date, bringing the total to 3,000 square metres plus 2,000 metres of overground floors.