page title icon Maratek continues construction of the new Winoa Ibérica plant in Balmaseda

Maratek Engineering Projects continues to manage the construction works of the new Winoa Ibérica plant in Balmaseda. The work is currently underway with the assembly of the metal structure and the planned deadlines are being met without any problems.

The transfer of Winoa Ibérica’s activity to a plot in the Arla area in Balmaseda and the construction of the new manufacturing plant is meeting the planned execution deadlines.

In compliance with the previous agreement signed with Winoa Group, in an area of public-private collaboration, the construction of the 4 warehouses that will make up the future Winoa Ibérica steel shot factory began last June and currently, after five months of construction work, the building project has already reached a height of 11 metres and is progressing well.

The structure of the four warehouses, destined for the manufacture of steel abrasives, is already erected and in the next phase will proceed to the execution of the building envelopes by means of prefabricated concrete panels and metal sheets. The construction contemplates ground floor + 1 height with the peculiarity that the warehouses will be interconnected to improve the distribution and communication in the manufacturing processes.

The works execution period will be extended for a further 7 months and the budget will reach 3.45 million euros.

Winoa Ibérica will settle on a total surface of 28.927 m² and an occupation of 16.619 m², being the buildable surface of 10.191 m². In addition to these four production halls, other spaces will be used for offices and annexes for the company’s services.

The fulfilment of this public-private agreement between the Balmaseda City Council, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, the Basque Government and Winoa Ibérica will favour the expansion of a strategic project for the development of the Encartaciones region.