page title icon Industrial building and outdoor warehouse project for Euskal Forging in Sestao

Activity Project, Execution Project, Purchasing Management and Construction Management for the execution of a new industrial building and exterior warehouse.

Construction of the new warehouse 6 and urbanisation of the external warehouse 7 of the plant of Euskal Forging S.A. in Sestao (Bizkaia – Spain).

Maratek has drafted the Activity Project, the Execution Project, carried out the procurement management and is currently carrying out the Construction Management.

At present, the Sestao plant has 4,000 m² in its cutting plant and 17,500 m² in its rolling and machining plant. In addition, it has 3,500 m² uncovered for various storage tasks. In these facilities, rings up to 10,000 mm outside diameter and 80,000 kg in weight are rolled and machined.

The new project aims to expand the facilities of the company located in the area of Altos Hornos, so that it can respond to the new demands coming from the markets where it operates.

Client:  Euskal Forging S.A.
Location: Sestao (Bizkaia)

Plot area:   –
Built-up area:  –
Budget:  2.800.000 €