page title icon Design of substation building structures and auxiliary installations on test track in Corella (Navarra)

Client: Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles S.A.
Location: Corella

Maratek carried out various works for CAF within the framework of the new train test and trials circuit in the surroundings of Corella which, according to its promoters, “constitutes a pioneering railway experience in the whole of Spain”.

Corella is the first test centre for trains in Spain, and has received an investment of more than 15 million euros. This project comes after Adif put out to tender this concession of a 4-kilometre section of the old Soria-Castejón track, which has been closed since 1996.

For the choice of the section, the developer has analysed the technical possibilities and feasibility of the project, concluding that it is an ideal space to be used for testing of rolling stock and associated railway systems and equipment.  Likewise, it will also be possible to carry out other tests, such as those of loading of structures, deformation, suspensions, couplings and resistance of all types of components and equipment.

Adif handed over to CAF an area of 36,000 m2 of railway domain of the Castejón-Cintruénigo route, within the old line linking Madrid-Soria-Castejón, until then in disuse. Therefore, the circuit recovered part of these abandoned infrastructures as well as the old Corella station (which has been refurbished as a test centre).